Memorial, History of Soviet Dissidents
Reading Habits and Dissent during the Period of Stagnation in the Soviet Union, 1960s-1980s
IS[R]A, International Samizdat [Research] Association
Andrei Belyi Center
Anthology of Samizdat. Electronic version of Antologiia samizdata: Nepodtsenzurnaia literatura v SSSR, 1950-e – 1980-e, ed. V.V. Igrunov (Moscow, 2005), vols. 1-3.
Description of Czech & Slovak collections at the University of Toronto including samizdat and materials about dissidence.
Archives of Vladimir Bukovsky, with a section on “Suppression of Dissidents.
Digital history project “Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives” at George Mason University, working with the Gulag Museum at Perm 36 and the International Memorial Society.