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From right-hand menu, under Filter by content type, select Periodical to find a title, e.g. PROTALINA.
Select Source to find details for a bibliographic reference, e.g. EVSA.
Select Archival Source for holdings at an archive, e.g. MEM.

To search for the title of a periodical, enter it in Latin or Cyrillic characters into the Search box in the upper right of the screen. Once results have been returned, choose “Periodical” under “Filter by content type” to get the main page for the journal or collection.

On the journal page, scroll down for basic bibliographic information on years, number of issues and copies, etc. At the bottom of the page, choose “Issues, Contents and Archived Copies” for information about the issue, a list of contents (when available), and the location of archived copies.

From the “Browse” tab at the top of the page, you can choose “Archives” to see a list of institutions with collections of these periodicals. Clicking on the name of an institution, for example “Baylor University” (BAY), will take you to a page with a list of holdings of Baylor’s Soviet samizdat periodicals .

At the bottom of the Home page or from the “Browse” tab, you can choose to see the list of Periodicals by TITLE. By default, the list is sorted by Start year, but you may click on Cyrillic title to generate an alphabetical list, with Titles in Latin characters first. At the bottom of the Home page or from the “Browse” tab you may also choose a list by Location (city or country where the edition was produced), by Subject, or by Language.